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Listen, View & Imitate DVD Kit  THIS ALL NEW 8 DVD KIT WITH BOOK IS  TEMPORARILY PRICED AT $65.00  (includes CA sales tax) Retails at $150.00 Listen View and Imitate: Pronouncing American English 8 DVDs and guidebook A Comprehensive Communication program covering all the speech sounds of American English Presented by voice actors on camera and text with audio soundtrack.

PAE workbooks and CDs  Pronouncing American English *3 workbooks and 9 CDs* All of the speech sounds of English are presented in single words, phrases and specially highlighted sentences.  The CDs are designed for the listener to repeat what they hear.


Phonograms Book and CDs  Listen and Imitate: Phonograms Words List "ab" to "y" List of words  with the most common endings in English  presented in alphabetical order. CDs are designed with pauses after  each word for the listener to imitate what they hear to learn.


Phrases Book & CDs Part Two  PHONOGRAMS IN PHRASES  "ice" to "y" BOOK WITH 2 CDs IS TEMPORARILY  PRICED AT $35.00 (includes CA sales tax 


Books and CDs Bundle   includes:

*Phonograms Words List Book and CDs for speech improvement

*Phonograms in Phrases Parts One and Two Books and CDs *Sentences Highlighted for Rising Intonation Book and CDs *Advanced Practice Sentences Book and Cds ALL for $100.00

  Listen, View & Imitate:    Pronouncing American English CSVS02   LVI PAE 1  @  ONLY $65.00    ( includes CA sales tax) and FREE SHIPPING!!

Phrases Book & CDs Part One  PHONOGRAMS IN PHRASES "ab" to "ew" BOOK WITH 2 CDs IS TEMPORARILY PRICED AT $35.00  (includes CA sales tax Phonograms in Phrases Book and CDs  Part One Most common word endings in English are presented i n short phrases. CDs are designed with pauses after each presentation  for the listener to imitate and learn. $35.00

Highlighted Sentences Book /CDs  CSVS06 Pronouncing American English Practice Sentences  Highlighted for Rising Intonation Book/CDs are designed  with pauses for the listener to imitate American Intonation. $35.00

Advanced Sentences Book CDs Advanced Practice Sentences  Cross Train Your Articulation!  All speech sounds of American English are presented in  tongue twister type sentences. Give your target sounds a work out!  CDs are designed with pauses for the listener to imitate and learn. $25.00

Supplemental Words List /r /l/ Supplemental Words List Book and CDs /r/ & /l/  targeted Single words with the speech sounds  /r/ and /l/ in a variety of phonetic contexts including  sound blends. CDs are designed with pauses after each  word for the listener to imitate and learn. $25.00

*FREE SHIPPING*  *All Sales are Final*  *No Refunds* 

Fees for Services

One Hour Brownbag Seminar Information on a variety of topics related to professional communication skills. These seminars can be custom designed for specific types of businesses. Total for any size group: 

Intensive 3-Hour Voice or Pronunciation Enhancement Workshop Limited enrollment- no more than 10 individuals This intensive workshop is recorded with camcorders. At the conclusion, a copy of the workshop on DVD and/or CD will be given to each participant. Total for any size group: 

Individual and Small Group Sessions of  Accent Therapy  for  Voice Enhancement or Foreign Accent Refinement ========================================================== (Initial consultation by phone is FREE) Courses range from 4-8 weeks for one and a half hours per week. Includes Initial Assessment of Speech /Voice with Recommendations and Goals. Course length is based on the needs of the participants. Individual (one to one) sessions are: $150.00 for each hour and half session on-site at your place of business $120.00 for each hour and half session on-site at the San Francisco CSVS office

Group Rates: Fees are negotiable depending upon the number of participants to be served.  Generally - $150.00 per hpur Example : Group of 5 @$150 per hour plus course materials @ $500.00 Total for a 6 week course = $1,400.00

Course Materials (book, handouts, CDs /DVDs) are $100 per person 

Live Telephone Sessions Take part in our individualized sessions using a standard telephone line from the comfort and convenience of your home or office !Individual instruction, group instruction, or analysis only Group instruction is conducted via conference calling. For a free consultation by telephone within the U.S., please contact us. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. No purchase necessary.

FREE REASSESSMENT after the programs.

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